The First Kickstarter Project I’ve Ever Backed

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You’ve probably heard about Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform. If you haven’t, Kickstarter is a company that helps other companies receive funding to bring projects to life.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Those needing funding for their project (companies, organizations, artists, etc) submit a video and workup to Kickstarter. One approved, it is added to the main site and is open for backing (investing).
  2. Members of Kickstarter (people like you and me) browse the list of projects on Kickstarter. If one is interesting, you watch the project’s video and read the writeup to learn more.
  3. On Kickstarter, backers don’t (generally) get a portion of the profits, but receive perks (like special edition products) for supporting a project.
  4. Each project has a minimum funding goal and a deadline. All pledges are charged on the deadline date. If a project doesn’t reach 100% funding by the deadline, no pledges are charged and the project isn’t backed at all.
  5. If a project is backed, backers get perks as they are available and receive updates from the project managers on the status of the project.

I was more than a little unsure about using Kickstarter before I made the plunge and backed my first project: CMYK Playing Cards.


82d06db72777c88a8c997990d0d3e771_largeI am always on the lookout for a unique set of playing cards and because of a passion I have for design and printing, I couldn’t resist backing this project.

The project deadline was February 21, 2014 and I received the finished product earlier this month (May 2014).

I backed a second project on April 15 – an app called Run an Empire.

Bottom Line: Kickstarter is a great way to get your project funded and a fun way to help invest in small, creative companies to get neat products off the ground.

So, join today and help someone’s dream become reality.

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