Three Neat Ways to Help Arkansas Tornado Victims (Plus 9 Photos from Mayflower)

For a list of donation ideas, go here. To know where to take it, go here.

As relief efforts continue, I’ve come across three really neat ways to help Arkansas tornado victims. I know many of you have worked all week and have made plans to volunteer this weekend in disaster areas, so I thought I’d share these ideas with you.

Five Gallon Bucket Ice Chests. I saw I guy from my church do this on Tuesday – such a brilliant idea. Cold drinks are few and far between, so this idea gives them a nice cold Gatorade (which they prefer over water) and a bucket they can use after they are finished with the drinks.

Photo Apr 29, 10 32 45 AMPrayers on Sacks. Also on Tuesday, I saw a group of kids had written prayers on small paper sacks and then filled them with lunch items. On Wednesday, I had my middle school group do the same thing with large paper sacks. People were moved to tears reading these.

Photo Apr 29, 12 07 43 PMRent a Food Truck. This one is a little more costly, but a very great idea. Groups have simply hired a food truck to set up in a devastated neighborhood and provide meals free of charge to residents and workers.

Photo Apr 29, 12 34 03 PM

Also, after spending a day in the office on Wednesday, I was back out today. Here’s a few photos from Mayflower:

Photo May 01, 1 04 14 PM Photo May 01, 1 21 58 PM Photo May 01, 1 22 13 PM Photo May 01, 1 22 28 PM Photo May 01, 9 30 47 AM Photo May 01, 10 19 18 AM Photo May 01, 11 43 01 AM Photo May 01, 11 43 29 AM Photo May 01, 12 54 45 PM

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