Clear: My Favorite To-do App


There’s no way I could keep track of all my to-do’s without some help. Like my Dad tells me often, “A short pencil is better than a long memory.” While I don’t actually use a pencil, the thought behind that saying is certainly true.

Having read the book on GTD by David Allen, I quickly found and adopted the Mac and iOS app OmniFocus. I really liked it and bought it for all my devices (around $150 to have it on each each device). As I used it over the years, I became disinterested, because the complexity and the maintenance of the system became too much of a hassle.

Then came Clear.

Clear is a ridiculously simple iOS app that keeps track of all your to-do items by project (or by day in my case) in a stunningly beautiful way. That’s it. Simple. Easy.

What I like about Clear:

  1. It’s inexpensive. At $2.99, it’s a steal.
  2. It’s simple. Heat map for priority, swipe for complete.
  3. It’s customizable. You can choose from many different themes and even unlock some hidden ones. (I like Lucky Clover, a nice green theme.)

Areas I would like to see improved:

  1. There’s only an iPhone app. I would really like to have a native Mac and iPad app that would sync between the devices. It’s much better to type to-do lists on a Mac rather than an iPhone keyboard.
  2. There’s no reminders. I wish you could have Clear remind you (via Push Notification) when an item is due.
  3. There’s no way to move around to-do items. Since I keep track of my to-do’s by their due date, if I fail to complete something, there’s no simple way to move it to the next day. I have to retype it all again.

Overall, Clear is a great app. So good that I ditched a costly OmniFocus setup for this simple app. Give it a try. You’ll spend more on your next frappuccino. Thank me later.

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