My Six Hopes for iOS 6


I love my iPhone. And my iPad.

I have used an iOS device since 1.0, and I simply loved every development along the way. With iOS 6 slated to be debuted in about a month, here’s six things I hope I see:

  1. Notifications that can be dismissed quickly. Right now, I love getting subtle banner-style notifications while I am using my device. Sometimes, they get in my way and don’t disappear quickly enough. My hope is that Apple adds a functionality to allow those to be quickly dismissed (maybe a swipe or a tiny “x”).
  2. Expirations on notifications in Notification Center. I certainly don’t use Notification Center as much as I thought that I would (and I’m not sure why). So, when I finally open it, I am greeted with a ton of notifications that are weeks old. It would be nice to have them automatically dismiss when they are checked or after a certain time has elapsed.
  3. Folders (and Newsstand) would always look full. I’m picky about the way things look on my home screen. I hate when folders have less than nine apps in them. It just looks empty (mostly because it is). I wish that the folders would size the app icons to make the folder look better (more full) on the screen.
  4. The ability to hide stock apps. I wish that Apple would allow us to hide apps that cannot be deleted (like Stocks, Compass, GameCenter, etc.) Seriously, when was the last time you legitimately used Compass?
  5. A Siri that works. I loved Siri when my iPhone 4S arrived. Now, she’s much less capable. Maybe it’s the signal strength where I live or just congestion at Apple’s servers, either way Siri needs some serious improvements.
  6. Communication between a user’s devices. At my desk sits my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. When I get an email or message, I’m notified on all three (usually with sounds on all three). I wish that these devices could know that they are close to each other and would only notify me on the one I am currently using.

Anything you would like to see?

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