Think Leadership Doesn’t Matter?

ImageComing into the 2012 season, the Arkansas Razorbacks were ranked #10 in the nation. Their talent was returning. Their fan base was hyped. It looked like a promising year was ahead.

But, there was one thing that would undermine everything that Arkansas was looking forward to in the season: the exit of Head Coach Bobby Patrino after an affair, unethical activity, and motorcycle accident.

But, the talented players could still salvage the season, right? Wrong.

Arkansas loses to ULM, 31-34.
Arkansas loses to Alabama, 0-52.
Arkansas loses to Rutgers, 26-35.
Arkansas loses to Texas A&M, 10-58.

Good talent can’t make up for a void in leadership.

Not in football.
Not in business.
Not in your church.

Talent is necessary, but leadership is essential.

Do everything you can to grow and protect your leadership. On it, everything else rises and falls.

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