It’s Only Annoying When Others Do It

As the last few hours of Election Day tick away, people are clamoring to squeeze out last minute tweets to the masses about their political acumen. I generally see three types of people:

  • The Campaigners – those who are supporting their candidate to their followers who generally already agree with them.
  • The HyperSpirituals – those who are spouting out theological elitisms like “Vote for Jesus.” (At last check, Jesus wasn’t running for President.)
  • The Apathetics – those who don’t really care about the future of the nation, but take offense at everyone who does give a rip.

While there is a lot of material for each of the types, let’s take a look at the Apathetics.

No one likes it when their social feed is dominated by something they are uninterested in, but on big days it’s unavoidable.

You’re going to see football tweets on Super Bowl Sunday.
You’re going to see Halloween tweets on Halloween.*
You’re going to see election tweets on Election Day.

That’s just the way it works.

Here are some tips to survive the social media avalanche if the election isn’t your thing:

  1. Don’t check Twitter. (This one is pretty simple, but not often followed.)
  2. Cut some slack. (The favor will be returned when you go on Twitter binges talking about the sports events, new game releases, and all that other stuff that people that follow you don’t care about.)
  3. Don’t post anti-post posts. (Refrain from saying things like: “I can’t wait for people to stop posting about…” We’ll move on eventually – just give us time.)

Oh yea, if you haven’t voted, do it. (You get a neat sticker.)

*(Unless you are at Bible College, then you will see tweets about Reformation Day.)

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