Encourage Your Leaders

Ministry can be tough. Often people disagree with direction. Often people don’t see the big picture. Often people just aren’t nice.

But every once in a while, someone does something that blows me away with encouragement. I had one of those experiences a few days ago when I received this handwritten letter:

Bro Stephen,

I want to thank you. I know you haven’t been around Antioch long, but you are already a much loved and very much appreciated leader in our church. The responsibility of leading and teaching our young people is a tough one for sure and you handle it greatly. I can only hope that when my young son gets to middle school, he will have leaders like you and Nathan. Your enthusiasm and love for serving the Lord is very evident and is a great example for us all, not just the middle schoolers.

I have made it my goal in 2013 to pray for by name every member of the staff and their family everyday. I have made a special email address and if you have any specific thing or way I can pray for you and Ashley please let me know via that email address. If not, I will continue to pray for you guys and your ministry as I have for the last week, the same way Paul prayed for his fellow believers in Colossae (Colossians 1:9-12).

Thank you Stephen Castleberry for your great service, first to the Lord, and then to others here at Antioch.


Antioch Member

Wow. I needed that.

What can you do to encourage one of your leaders?

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