How the Church is Like a Hardware Store | Part Two

Previously, I wrote about my experiences at hardware stores. As I continued to reflect on my experience, I noticed several parallels between the hardware store experience and the church-going experience – be sure to check out part one.

  1. People like simple. Like most everything else, people tend to prefer the simplest path to where they want to go. In a hardware store, I don’t need a barrel of assorted fasteners to rummage through, I need neatly arranged section of nails that is clearly organized. At church, I don’t need 27 similar programs that compete for my attention and the church’s resources, I need a clear path to discipleship that includes specific programs for the various stages of my journey with Christ.
  2. People need empowerment. When I have a positive hardware store experience, I can tackle any DIY; when my experience is negative, I’m not sure I’m qualified to call a professional. Church leaders need to empower the people in the seats to actively do the mission of Christ in their own lives by equipping them with the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary. Jesus left the work of the church in our hands – we, as church leaders, need to empower our people.

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