Your Church Should Have Air Conditioning and Free WiFi

commercial-air-conditioningOn Monday, I wrote a neat little story on why toothpaste is cool, minty, and makes your mouth tingle. While I really think you should give it a quick read, the basic idea is this: toothpaste doesn’t need to tingle to work – it was an add-on by an advertiser (not a dental professional) that became so popular that even to this day the vast majority of all toothpaste companies include it.

In short, people get used to what they get used to.

That’s why your church needs to have air conditioning and free WiFi – because people get used to what they get used to.

Let’s start with air conditioning.

Over 87% of all US homes have air conditioning (I’m guessing that the other 13% are in Alaska). People are getting pretty accustomed to feeling comfortable inside when it’s hot outside. That’s why I feel it is a good idea for your church to invest in air conditioning…



Your church already has air conditioning? Oh, gotcha.

(I’m kidding folks. I’m guessing at least 87% percent of US churches have air conditioning – just like the number of US households.)

But does your church need air conditioning?

You and all the people at your church might think so, but not really. You could have church without A/C – yes, sweaty but possible.

Now that you’re hooked, let’s talk free WiFi.

No, it’s not needed. But, technically neither is air conditioning.

Let’s compare:

  • A majority of people in the US have internet access (91%) and air conditioning (87%) in their homes.
  • People are increasingly dependent on internet access and air conditioning for both work and leisure.
  • The number of businesses providing free WiFi and air conditioning to their customers is increasing rapidly. (Seriously, my mechanic offers free WiFi. So does a diner I frequent – they also have a sign that explains that spitting tobacco on the floor is not acceptable, obviously they have had an issue.)

Agree or not, free WiFi is becoming what people are used to.

So, who needs free WiFi at your church anyway?

  • The Sunday School teacher who would love to show a great video she found that perfectly illustrates her point in the Bible lesson.
  • The pastor who would give up his wireless microphone to be able to work and connect to people online anywhere in the church building on his notebook or tablet.
  • The teen who is honestly giving your church a fair shake but can’t access the translation you are using in the message because it isn’t available offline on his iPod touch’s YouVersion app.

The need is growing – is your church meeting the need?

People are increasingly used to free WiFi. Is it necessary? Nope.

But that’s not the question to ask.

The better question is this: Would it be helpful in the work of building the church and equipping the saints?

I would argue that it is helpful. Not required, but helpful.

(Kind of like air conditioning.)

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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