Focusing on Here, Not There


There is the place we’d rather be.
There is where the money is at.
There is where you can prove yourself.
There is where the grass is greener. Much greener.

Have you ever realized that we are always wanting to go there? We’re always preparing for moving from here to there.

The next promotion.
The next pay raise.
The next city.
The next office.
The next there.

Sometimes I wonder if we waste most of our time here trying to get there.

There is not here.
There is not now.

But, God calls us to live, love, and lead here and now – not then and there.

God makes us a promise that if we concentrate on and are faithful in the here and now, that He’ll take care of the there and then.

So, let’s focus on the only place (here) and the only time (now) that we can have any control over and let God handle what we can’t.

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